IBMA Momentum Vocalist of the Year Nominee - Victoria Kelley

We couldn’t have been more excited to find out that Victoria  was nominated for Momentum Vocalist of the Year at IBMA this year! We have been going to IBMA since we were kids, and the awards were something we dreamed about every time we went. We love IBMA and we are thankful for the platform and support they provide to acoustic artists. The Band of Kelleys would like to thank IBMA for voting for her, and congratulate all the other powerful women singers who were nominated for this award! 


Bethany, Victoria and Daniel

-A Pick Above the Rest -

I was blown away when I first tried a TD 45 Blue Chip Pick in the studio. The difference in tone compared to the other picks I had been using was undeniable.  It was durable, very easy to hold and literally almost stuck to my fingers! 

The handmade picks are made of specially formulated composite material and contain lubricants which make the picks very fast off the strings. Solos that were once hard to play on mandolin are much easier because the picks are extremely slick on the strings. I didn’t have to work as hard to get a good, warm, full tone. 

I can testify Blue Chips are extremely well made.  I have been using the same TD 45 for about two years now, and it has survived hundreds of sweaty shows and countless hours of playing. 

Blue Chip allows me to forget about the pick getting in the way, poor tone, or durability issues and focus on the connection between the instrument and my brain.  A musician is only as good as his tools. If you want to play at a higher level, using a quality pick is essential. I recommend Blue Chip Picks. You can find more information at 

- Victoria 

String Review - D' Addario Helicore Violin Strings  


As a bluegrass fiddle player, D'Addario Helicore are my strings of choice. If you play all styles of music, including classical, alternative styles, folk and bluegrass, these strings are for you. They are very versatile with quick bow response and short break-in time. They tend to stay in tune, even when played very aggressively and can withstand a variety of climate conditions as well. I change them once every 3-4 weeks in the summer season, which is pretty great, considering how often I play.  I use heavy gauge because they provide a fuller sound and work better for the style of music I play. They feel soft under my fingers, flexible, but not flabby.  The E is particularly soft feeling.  

As a steel core string, it is made with smaller diameters, which improve bowing response. When combined with D’Addario’s dampening technology, these strings can be played with very quick and easy bow response. The flexibility of stranded steel cores adds greater sound complexity, producing a clear, focused and dense tone.  They aren’t too bright, and really improve the tonal quality of a dark sounding violin.  I highly recommend these strings to students and professionals alike. ~ Beth Kelley  


Here is the link to where you can buy them

My Eyes tell me the Truth 

This is one of the songs we performed at SamJam 2019.  It's called "My Eyes Tell Me the Truth" written by Becky Buller and Rick Lang.  This song will be on our new album coming out in the Spring of 2020.   We had a great time playing at this event, everyone was so nice and the stage sound was very professional.  We hope that we will be invited back to play this event in 2021.  Many thanks to SamJam for inviting us.


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